About Us

What We Do

  • Workshops: The GDG regularly organises workshops on various topics in game development, such as introductions to common game development software, or principles of game design. These workshops are either conducted by our more experienced members, or by experts that we’ve invited. Typically, workshops are held near the start of the academic year (Aug/Sep), and before any major game development competition that we’re helping to organise.
  • Weekly Game Development Meetings:GDG members usually meet up once a week for two hours after classes on a weekday (around 6-8 p.m.) to work on game projects together. The exact day and time of our weekly meetings varies from semester to semester, as we try to fit it around our members’ schedules.
  • Industry Talks and Events: Every now and then, GDG members will get together to go to game industry events (such as talks and conferences). These happen about once every 4-6 months. We also occasionally invite speakers from the industry to give a talk to our members.
  • Game Development Competitions: The NUS GDG has always been involved in game development competitions in some form or another – either as participants or as organisers. Sometimes both in the same competition, with different members. We regularly collaborate with other clubs and societies to organise an annual competition of some kind, and our members form ad-hoc teams to go and take part in other people’s competitions.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement can be summed up in three words: Learn. Design. Create.
Learn: Ultimately, many of us want to increase our skills and experience in game development. We hold workshops every semester for both our members as well as the general public to teach them about various aspects of game development, from project management & production, to the fundamentals of game programming in various languages or software, to art & design methodologies. We may also occasionally invite people from the industry to come down and give talks about their experiences there.
Design: We hope to cultivate and encourage creative and innovative ideas from our members who come from all faculties. Through the combination of our accumulated knowledge of game development and our passion for games, we aim to design our dream games for us to share with everyone.
Create: The core of the NUS Games Development Group is, of course, developing games. We always have game development projects going on. Some are commissioned by clients for money, while others arise from our own members. All our members are expected to take part in one of our projects under development at some point or another in their time with us. We create games because we want to, because they look good on our portfolios, and most importantly because the best way to learn about games is to try developing one yourself.